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Amid soaring fuel prices and energy crunches in various parts of the country, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank an old friend and applaud West Virginia's readily available and abundant energy source - Coal!

While many states who rely on natural gas, nuclear, oil and other base fuels for electric generation are facing extremely high bills this winter, West Virginia enjoys some of the lowest electric costs in the nation thanks to coal. As a matter of fact, millions of California residents have had to deal with rolling power blackouts because of the inability of the power companies to meet demand. And, these same residents might see their rates increase by 33%!

West Virginian's should be thankful that we have an inexpensive and dependable energy source to power our lives. Coal, it works for West Virginia




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The West Virginia Coal Forum was established to promote the viability of the state's coal industry through facilitating public discussion of such coal related issues as the level of competitiveness and productivity of the industry, the image of the industry, miner's health and safety issues, and, identifying new markets and uses for West Virginia coal.

The Coal Forum is organized under the West Virginia Mine Safety & Technical Review Committee (TRC). Membership of the Coal Forum is comprised of coal operating personnel, miner's representatives, coal vendors and legislative leaders.

We invite you to browse our site, and we encourage your active participation and feedback. Thank you for your interest in the West Virginia Coal Forum.

Kenny Dickens, Esq.

1591 Washington St. E. - Charleston, WV 25311 - 304/558-3721

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